Occasional Services

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals are called the ‘Occasional Services’ of the church, because they are special occasions in which we bring to God these moments of joy and sorrow and seek his blessing and care.

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Baptisms (Christenings)

Baptism is the rite of initiation into the Christian church, and our most significant symbol of commitment to being a disciple of Jesus throughout our lives. Many people use the word ‘christening’ to describe this service, though christening is more properly used to describe a naming service that accompanies the baptism of children in some … Continue reading Baptisms (Christenings)


Getting married is a significant decision, and your wedding should reflect the importance of this event in your lives. The church building and grounds at Christ Church provide a wonderful setting for this special occasion. We understand that every wedding is unique and are happy to discuss what you would like to personalise the space … Continue reading Weddings


A Christian funeral expresses our hope in the resurrection of believers to eternal life with Jesus Christ, and is a celebration of life and our memories of those who have died. We welcome requests for funerals to be conducted by our priest either at Christ Church or in another location in Echuca-Moama. In the first … Continue reading Funerals