Safe Church

In the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo and at Christ Church Anglican, Echuca we affirm that all people have the right to be emotionally and physically safe, respected, and have their views and opinions valued at all times. We also live in a country that legislates for people’s safety.

God calls his body to minister to vulnerable people. God identified classes of vulnerable people who were to be protected and given special care and treatment in society because of their powerlessness (Ex. 22:21-22, Deut. 10:17-19, Jer. 22:2-4, James 1:27)

As part of ensuring our churches are safe places, the Anglican Diocese of Bendigo has adopted a number of Safe Church policies which govern our life together, the ways we minister and communicate and strive to keep all people safe. At Christ Church Anglican, Echuca we follow these policies in full. The best place to view these policies is on the Diocesan website which you can access here.

The Anglican Diocese of Bendigo is also a full participant in the uniform professional standards scheme managed by an independent professional standards organisation Kooyoora. If you have a complaint call 1800 135 246.