Our Services

Everyone is welcome to join us, no matter what age or stage of life or faith they are at.  So don’t worry about what to wear, whether you will fit in, whether you will know where to go or what to do, whether you are ‘religious’ enough – we are a relaxed, friendly community where you are welcome just as you are.

Each week we have a time of learning from relevant Bible teaching, we talk to God in prayer, we sing a mix of traditional hymns and more contemporary songs, we celebrate the Lord’s Supper and do this all within a reflective Anglican prayer book service.  Our service includes a kid’s talk and children’s program.  Following the service we enjoy morning tea together.

9am Service

At 9am we gather at Christ Church for a traditional Anglican service. Some of the members at 9am have been worshipping in an Anglican Church all their lives. Some have even been worshipping at Christ Church for their whole lives! But there’s no need to worry if you’re new to the Anglican Church or not … Continue reading 9am Service

11:00am Service

At its heart our 11:00am service follows the pattern and principles of Anglican worship but the way we express that at 11:00am is more relaxed and varied in style. We read the Bible together, pray together and sing together. We try to do as much of this together as possible each week, so it’s not … Continue reading 11:00am Service

Occasional Services

Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals are called the ‘Occasional Services’ of the church, because they are special occasions in which we bring to God these moments of joy and sorrow and seek his blessing and care. Please click through for further information about Baptisms, Weddings, and Funerals at Christ Church.