Ecclesiastes 9 – The Futility of Life
November 24, 2019

Ecclesiastes 9 – The Futility of Life

Passage: Ecclesiastes 9:1-22

This sermon was preached on 24th November, which in the Anglican Church is normally celebrated as special remembrance of Christ the King. At Christ Church, Echuca we also mark this day as Thanksgiving Sunday, where at the end of the church year we look back and give thanks to God for all he has done, among and through us.

At the end of the sermon those at church were invited to fill out a thanksgiving card, with something they wanted to thank God for from the last year. If you're listening in to this sermon online, why not take a moment after you're done to think of what you would like to praise God for and to what you should give him thanks for.

This recording came from our 11am service, which on this particular Sunday was an All-in service (ie the kids were in with us for the whole service). As such there's a bit of interaction and a few interruptions, all signs of life at the church!

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