Acts – Witness (Part 3)

The final section of the book of Acts chronicles the spread of the gospel beyond the borders of Israel and Samaria. This is just the beginning of the good news about Jesus being proclaimed to the ends of the earth. We carry on in the footsteps of the Apostles, continuing the work of sharing the gospel to those around us.

This sermon series was preached at Christ Church from April-Jun in 2017

Acts 13:13-52 – On the Road Again

Acts 15:1-35 – The Mother of All Committees

Acts 16:16-40 – Beaten But Not Broken (Due to technical difficulties there is no audio for this sermon)

Acts 17:16-34 – What if God Were One of Us?

Acts 19:1-20 – Whose Are You?

Acts 20:17-38 – The Big Goodbye (preached by the Rev. Stuart Winn at the Cluster Service which was his farewell)

Acts 21:27-23:11 – Trials and Tribulations

Acts 26:1-32 – Appealing to the Big Man

Acts 27:1-28:10 – Shipwrecked (unfortunately due to technical difficulties there is no audio for this sermon)

Acts 28:17-31 – Journey’s End?

Mark 10:32-45 – Jesus Please…The Greatest

Mark 10:32-45

On Thursday Sarah had to go to Melbourne for a few days for an appointment. She took Isaac and Jacob with her, which meant I had some quality time with Micah and Joshua. They came with me to the services as Wharparilla and Glanville and out and about on some other adventures. Over the two days, one of the things I noticed was how many times they asked me questions. ‘Dad, can you get me a drink please’, ‘Dad can we please…’, ‘Dad, can you please help me with the Lego.’ Actually, there weren’t as many pleases in there, but oh well. Continue reading “Mark 10:32-45 – Jesus Please…The Greatest”

John 6:41-59 – Living Bread

John 6:41-59 – Living Bread

I wrote this poem and recited it as part of our final sermon on Bread in John 6!  During the All-Age service that day we also made and baked (flat) bread which we used for communion.

Unfortunately at present there is no audio.  

If you would like to reuse this poem please ask me first.  Please do not reproduce it without permission.

I am the bread of heaven, we heard him say
Who does this Jesus think he is anyway?
Isn’t he just Joseph’s son? How can he claim to be the one,
Who down to earth from heaven has come? Continue reading “John 6:41-59 – Living Bread”

John 6:22-40 – Heavenly Bread

John 6:22-40 – Heavenly Bread

Who enjoyed the banana bread last week? Who would like another piece now? I promise it hasn’t been sitting here since last week, it’s freshly baked. How just like the crowds in John 6 you are! You’ve had your fill of bread and now you want more!

Last week, in the start of John 6 we saw Jesus feed a crowd of five thousand or more people with just five loaves and two fish by the Sea of Galilee. Today’s passage picks up the action the next day. Presumably some of the crowd went home, or found somewhere to stay but it seems many of them just camped out beside the sea. When they wake up in the morning, they’re surprised to see that Jesus has disappeared. There had only been one boat there the day before and they’d watched Jesus pack his disciples on it, before he went up the mountain to pray. Now he’s gone! Eventually they find him in Capernaum hanging with his disciples. Understandably their initial question is, ‘Rabbi, when did you get here?’ and probably just as importantly how? John’s helpfully told us how. In the passage we’ve skipped over, between last week and this week we discover Jesus walked across the Sea of Galilee, as you do if you’re the Son of God. Continue reading “John 6:22-40 – Heavenly Bread”

John 6:1-15 – Daily Bread

John 6:1-15 – Daily Bread

Sarah and I both enjoy cooking. But one of our worst experiences was agreeing to cook for the youth group camp in our first year at St. Thomas’. Cooking itself wasn’t such a bad decision. But doing so with twins who were about 18 months old at the time was. Plus we’d also agreed to be ‘camp parents’. Plus I’d somehow ended up doing all the talks for the weekend. Which meant there was really only ever one of us in the kitchen. The worst part was that we’d foolishly decided to make three different kinds of pasta and two desserts for their formal dinner. It was a big weekend! Continue reading “John 6:1-15 – Daily Bread”

Ephesians 6:10-24 – Be Strong in the Lord

Ephesians 6:10-24 – Be Strong in the Lord 28/6/15

Today we’ve finally reached the end of Ephesians! Some of you might be rejoicing at that news, others might be lamenting. I for one am a little sad. Paul’s taken us on an incredible journey, starting at the cosmic level with the eternal plan of God who chose us before the foundation of the world. He’s shown us what it means to the church, holy and united in Christ. And he’s given us guidance on how to conduct our most intimate of relationships. As he finishes his letter though, Paul wants us to know that living as God’s people isn’t going to be easy. Why not? Because we’re going to face stiff opposition. And it’s not so much the opposition we’ll face from within ourselves or from the world around us that he warns us against, ‘but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.’ Continue reading “Ephesians 6:10-24 – Be Strong in the Lord”

Ephesians 5:21-6:9 A New Way of Relating

Ephesians 5:21-6:9 – A New Way of Relating 21/6/15

There are some sections of the Bible that would be better of sealed. If you thought last week’s passage, with its mention of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll was one of those, perhaps you should read, or re-read Song of Songs. Today’s passage should likewise come with a warning! Not because it’s too racy or explicit, but because it deals with topics that if misunderstood have the potential to cause widespread damage. As we’ve worked through Ephesians, we’ve seen that Paul’s concerned that the Church be united and pure, not just for our own sake, but so that we can be light and witnesses for Christ. In today’s passage Paul shows what that means for our most intimate relationships. So if we get this wrong, not only will our family lives be messed up, so too will our witness to the world. Continue reading “Ephesians 5:21-6:9 A New Way of Relating”