Spiritual Disciplines

Through the Season of Lent in 2017 Christ Church looked at a number of Spiritual Disciplines, activities and habits that we’re called to cultivate in order to grow in godliness. Each week, as we looked at a different discipline, we were challenged to put the into practice in our lives and to engage in them together as a church.

Dare to Discipline

Dare to Pray

Dare to Fast

Dare to Feast on God’s Word

Dare to Worship

Acts – Witness (Part 3)

The final section of the book of Acts chronicles the spread of the gospel beyond the borders of Israel and Samaria. This is just the beginning of the good news about Jesus being proclaimed to the ends of the earth. We carry on in the footsteps of the Apostles, continuing the work of sharing the gospel to those around us.

This sermon series was preached at Christ Church from April-Jun in 2017

Acts 13:13-52 – On the Road Again

Acts 15:1-35 – The Mother of All Committees

Acts 16:16-40 – Beaten But Not Broken (Due to technical difficulties there is no audio for this sermon)

Acts 17:16-34 – What if God Were One of Us?

Acts 19:1-20 – Whose Are You?

Acts 20:17-38 – The Big Goodbye (preached by the Rev. Stuart Winn at the Cluster Service which was his farewell)

Acts 21:27-23:11 – Trials and Tribulations

Acts 26:1-32 – Appealing to the Big Man

Acts 27:1-28:10 – Shipwrecked (unfortunately due to technical difficulties there is no audio for this sermon)

Acts 28:17-31 – Journey’s End?

Patriarchs – Promise and Providence

In this sermon series we’ve looked at the Patriarchs, the men and women who were first called by God to be his chosen people. They were people like us, faithful but at times foolish. Throughout we’ve seen how God continued to fulfil his promises and how he calls us to keep trusting in his provision.

Genesis 18 – Abraham Called to Follow

Genesis 22 – Abraham Laying it all on the Line

Genesis 24 – Isaac – Farmer Wants a Wife (with Bishop Andrew Curnow)

Genesis 37 – Joseph – Family Relations

Genesis 39 – Joseph – Faithful Relations

Genesis 45 – Joseph – Forgiving Relations (with Rev. Chris Appleby)