The first Sunday of November is called All Saints day.

On this day we celebrate all people of faith recalling how in new Testament usage the word “saints” refers to Christians collectively, as well as those people of special significance who have been set apart by the church .It is the recognition of the common bond of Christians both living and dead and the common bond of the church both here on earth and the church triumphant in heaven. All Saints is a day when Christians     remember not only the great believers of the past but also loved ones and friends who are now in heaven.

It follows on after All Hallows day when the ancients remembered their dead and tales of ghosts and ghouls prevailed. It was their way of dealing with death. All through history each race has its own ways of dealing with the fact of death. This is where the custom of Halloween originated. The ancient Celts would put out fruits and nuts for the dead that they believed roamed about on this night.

The list of Saints, includes on it a list of very notable people but not only famous people it also includes all those who love God and who have striven to love their neighbours as themselves. It includes all those who have sought to be faithful to Jesus Christ.

Paul calls the followers of Jesus “saints” because they have been baptised and have faith in Jesus, .They are saints not because of their own works but through the atoning work of Jesus on the cross. They are not perfect people. Even the most famous saints, those men and women the church as a whole points to, were not perfect. Saint Peter was inconsistent, Saint Paul at times seemed a little arrogant, Saint John and Saint James wanted honour and glory, and the list of defects goes on. All the saints, as the expression goes, had feet of clay, but they, for all that, had something worth imitating, something worth remembering.

Saints are people who made a difference to others and people who made a difference to us, because they attempted to love and serve God, Each one of us, is called to be a saint, and, each one of us because of the love of Jesus Christ, can be a saint. At times it can be difficult to live up to this calling, at times it is hard to love, at times it is hard to do things that show God’s care, at times it is hard even to have faith. That is where the saints in heaven come in, our saints, the ones we remember, and the saints of the whole church, are with God and we can remember them and the influence they had on our lives, reflecting on how they lived and how they believed.

God is not finished with me yet, nor is he finished with you.

God is asking us to enable God’s presence in our midst to shape our lives and our faith here on earth. As we open ourselves up to the working of God’s Spirit in our lives, as we seek to live by his word, we are becoming more Christlike.

We are saints because we belong to the living God, not because of anything we do or have done, but because we believe in him.











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